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Kellie's Testimonial



I have been at AAC wellness for a little over 5 months.  I came to see Dr. Todd after dealing with neck pain for over one week.  I thought that I had slept incorrectly and had a pinched never, however, I was surprised to learn that I have arthritis in my spine.  After a couple of adjustments I felt much better and the pain was gone.  During my initial visit I shared with Dr. Todd that I had been diagnosed with an esophageal ulcer and was taking medication for it for about one-and-a-half years.  Shortly after my initial visit, Dr. Todd hosted and educational seminar about digestive health.  During that seminar I learned about digestive supplements for me to consider.  In February I had an endoscopy performed and i am happy to say that my ulcer is healed!  I continue to take a probiotic, fish oil and vitamin D daily and have not needed my ulcer medication in months.

Prior to coming to AAC Wellness I had researched and explored various ways to heal my ulcer without having to take a prescribed medication.  I tried various "natural" remedies without much success.  I am so grateful that Dr. Todd has come to Rotterdam.  Had he not, I am sure that I would still be taking a pill to manage the symptoms of my ulcer and blindlessly searching the internet for a cure.  I wnat to thank Dr. Todd and his staff for helping me on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Our daughter was literally an ear infection away from surgery when we began our journey to wellness care.  Since then both of our children have not been on any antibiotics and our entire family has benefited from chiropractic care.  Preventive care is now an integral part of our lifestyle.  The staff at AAC is the most professional and caring, as well as educating us every step of the way.


~Angela B.


We started coming to AAC in 2002 because our 16 month old son had non-stop ear infections. He started getting adjusted and never had an ear infection after that. We stared to see major changes in our son's ability to stay healthy even while surrounded by sick children. My husband and I were so impressed we figured we would give adjustments a try. We noticed such a huge improvement with our health, posture and energy. Who would have figured that adjustments could do all that? It was a no brainer when we had our daughter to start adjusting right away as an infant. We thought she would have a head start above other kids to remain healthy. As a family we have been hooked on chiropractic care since we saw the results with our son. We promote chiropractic care to everyone we meet because we are convinced that without it we would definitely be stuck with unhealthy nervous systems and always sick!

~Freeburn Family




1st of all, your office & all of you folks are just tremendous! All the exercises you've told me to do actually work! I've noticed tremendous results. In act I fee "de-subluxated" and that is a good thing. I've been to other chiropractors before, years ago, but none can compare to AAC! Coming into this office I had two herniated discs & spinal stenosis. The doctors at AAC found arthritis in my lower back, and neck. I never thought that I had neck problems. But after 1 short month of treatment my necks range of motion was so good I felt that I could turn my head around like an owl! Totally Awesome! Oh, one more item, I had "sciatica" in both legs & after one month the pain was totally eliminated and has never returned! Yea, Yea!

~Ed A.





My family has seen major improvements in our health, we like the way the doctors take the time to explain what treatment will be done. We like the constant approach to our health needs. We tell all of our friends about your practice!

~ Ron A.





I am in my mid-fifties. Just after Christmas of last year I was feeling I was having more and more problems with health issues. I went to a seminar on Health that was being held at my church. AAC put it on. I felt like they were just what I needed because they offered a total health approach, which addressed the body's ability to heal itself. In the initial evaluation I had some spine issues in my neck that I had for most of my life with some arthritis setting in. In six months my neck has improved greatly. I have lost some weight and been able to give up my Blood Pressure medication by monitoring my BP and getting that confirmed by my cardiologists. My feet had bothered me a lot also so I got orthotics and my feet have improved tremendously. My bleeding ulcer and digestive system has healed and improved also. I am finding I have more energy and focus to accomplish more things in my life; thanks in a large part to the doctors of AAC and their help and guidance.

~ Linda A.





Thank you, to all the Doctors at AAC. Cora and I have improved quality of life and are feeling great! My upper back pain has practically gone away and tension/stress has been reduced. Cora is 18 months and hasn't been sick EVER! She is a very strong little girl and loves coming to the office...where everyone is always cheery and welcoming.

~ Sara L.





I have been with Dr. Todd since the beginning of his and my relationship with chiropractic. I was one of his original patients eve before he was official. Dr. Todd and AAC has been a God sent to me. I can totally depend on them to get me through the toughest situations in the most natural most efficient way. I am also a recovered prescription drug user, and it is s very important to receive healing without pill. I believe in the healing power of God, from the inside out. I also believe that he gives Dr. Todd and Dr. Q the healing touch. They truly know how to use their gifts. As Dr. Todd's shirt says "I adjust. God Heals." My physician recently gave AAC a true compliment "they have done a wonderful job in healing your back more than I could have." I will continue to see AAC 1st. It has proven to me that seeking adjustments on a regular basis almost eliminates the need to seek the medical profession who treat the symptom rather than the whole patient.

~ Charlene P.





I love coming to AAC! Dr. D and Dr. Q have encouraged me to become a happier and healthier person. Not only when coming in for my adjustments but in a daily life. When you make positive changes on a daily basis it affects your complete physical, metal an emotional well being as well as others around you.

I also love the positive friendly attitudes with everyone in the staff! It feels like a family!

~ Kristen N.





We're a really busy family, with the kids involved in travel baseball and competitive dance. We work, run a side business and try to be active in our church. After years o going all out, we started noticing frequent neck and back pain. Cate had pretty severe sciatica after her last pregnancy. We found AAC through Dr. Q's blog on and got started. We expected to learn that we needed lots of adjustments, but were shocked to discover how subluxated the kids spines were. After just two months, we have seen amazing results! All our symptoms have eased our disappeared altogether. We all have more energy, think more clearly and sleep better. The kids are convinced they'll be able to compete at higher levels. Best of all we enjoy seeing all the smiling faces are AAC every time we visit!

~ Cate B.





I have had tailbone pain and lower back pain that stems from having endometriosis and fibromyalgia for a few years now. I had surgery with and end specialist who diminished my pain but not o the point where I felt 100%...more like 60-70%. After talking with another patient of yours, my husband and I decide to pursue this further. After coming since summer 2009, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my tailbone pain. I can sit now without it hurting most days. I thank the docs at AAC for this.

~ Jennifer C.





As part of the AAC Family, I have become a more intelligent person in the respect of taking control of the necessary health benefits chiropractic offers and having the motivation to follow through on the special programs that are provided with a feeling of well being and comfort. Thanks Dr. Q & Dr. D and staff of AAC.

~ Bill K.