What to expect when beginning care in our office!



To start your care in this office, our doctors always perform a full consultation at no charge.  This allows you to come in and to meet one of our doctors, to have all your questions answered, and to decide if you are a potential chiropractic case.  We have found that our practice members who attend a consultation get the best possible results, in the shortest period of time, and with the least amount of cost.

Consults are held:

EVERY Monday and Wednesday at 6:15 PM

Call to schedule your consultation



Discovery Exam (1st visit)

For your initial exam the doctors will discuss with you your health history back to infancy so that they can get a complete picture of your overall wellness.  The doctors will then perform a non-invasive spinal scan using surface electromyograph (SEMG) and digital thermography, one of the only computerized nerve function testing equipment in the area.  This gives the doctors the ability to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and chart your progress.

Should your spine show areas of nervous system stress, the doctors will perform spinal x-rays.  This is vitally important so that the doctors can assess areas of the spine, which need special attention.  X-rays give a clear picture of the spine, displaying the specific points of possible degeneration, subluxations, arthritis, bone spurs, etc.


Reports (2nd & 3rd Visits)

At the Problem Report, the doctors will review with you their findings.  They will go over the results of the nerve function scans to give you a picture of your current spinal and nervous system health.  The doctor will review the results of your x-rays.  Going over these with your doctor will give you a picture in your mind of what your spine looks like.  The doctors will explain what proper spinal alignment looks like, and describe to you how they would like to move you toward the best possible alignment for YOUR spine. This visit is when the doctors starts your chiropractic adjustments.  They will walk you through the steps of the adjustment, explaining at each point what they are doing and why.

At the Solution Report, the doctor will review with you the affects of your first adjustment.  Then he will clearly outline for you his optimum recommendations for your care and answer any questions you have.  The Financial Advocate will bring you up to speed on your insurance situation, and offer you some of our Chiropractic Wellness Plans. At this time you will receive your second adjustment.

From this point on you will continue with the adjustments as per your recommendation of care.

We welcome you to the path of health and wellness!