Move Well Exercises and Stretches!


The object of these exercises is to pull your shoulder blades together as much as possible and hold for a count of 10-30 seconds.  Do each pose and hold, moving directly from one pose to the next.  This strengthens the upper back to combat slouching and forward head posture.

Y- Lift your arms up in a "Y" shape (with your thumbs pointing backwards), pulling your shoulders back without arching your back.

W- From the "Y" position, bring your elbows down until your arms form a "W" shape.  This will bring your shoulder blades even closer together (thumbs still pointing back).


T- From the "W" position, straighten your arms so that they are flat out from your shoulders forming a "T." (Feel the muscles down the center of your upper back contract even more.)  Keep your hands flat, palms upwards toward the ceiling.

L- Finally, bring your elbows down from the "T" position so that each arm forms an "L" shape coming out from your body at a 90 degree angle.  Keep your palms up.  This position will bring your shoulder blades very close together.


Yes, No, Maybe

"Yes, No, Maybe" is a memory tool to help you remember these exercises.  Just think of the motions you make with your head when nodding "Yes" or shaking your head "No."  These exercises are an elogated, strengthening version of those motions.

The object of this exercise is to stretch the neck and the strengthen the extension, flexion, and rotation muscles.  This also stretches the muscles in the upper back and chest.  Hold your head in each position for a minium of 10-30 seconds.


Extend head back as far as possible, stretching the upper chest and neck by sticking your chin upwards as the rest of your head goes backwards.

When flexing forward, lift the back of your skull toward the ceiling as your head goes forward.  This will stretch the muscles down the upper back.  Do not merely rest your chin on your chest.



Rotate head to one side as far as possible.  Hold.  Repeat on other side.



Pull left arm down and across back while flexing head ot the right side (as if to touch your ear to your shoulder, without lifting shoulders).  Hold.  Repeat on other side: pull right arm down across your back with flexing head to left side. Hold.


Full Spine Yes, No, Maybe

Hold each position for a minium of 10-30 seconds.

Full Spine YES

Stand straight, then slowly bend foward without bending knees (as if to touch your toes) flexing your spine as much as possible.  Hold.


Stand straight, then slowly bend backwards as far as possible without bending knees.  Hold.  WARNING: Do not place hands on the small of your back while bending backwards, this can cause subluxations in lower spine.  DO place hands to your sides, or on the front of your hips.


Full Spine NO

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Clasp hands in front of the body with arms straight.  Rotate head, shoulders, and hips as far as possible.  Hold.  Repeat to the other side.



Full Spine MAYBE

Stand with knees straight.  Bend to the sdie while sliding hand down your leg as far as possible.  Hold.  Repeat on the other side.




Slowly and deeply inhate and exhale through one nostril.  Repeat with other nostril.  Repeat 10 times.


Doorway Stretch

Place hands and elbows in doorway with shoulders and elbows at right angles (or as close as you can get).  Keep head pulled back and chin slightly tucked.  Walk or lean through the doorway forcing arms back to stretch the chest, shoulders and external rotators.  Relax, inhale.  Hold for 30 seconds.


Cross-Over Marching

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Hold arms up above head.  Bring arm and opposite leg together in front of your body.  Alternate sides.  Repeat 10 times.


AHC Wall Exercise

1. Place heals, buttock, upper back, and head against wall.

2. Bring arms up with right angles at shoulder and elbow.  Bring the forearms and back of the hand against the wall while keeping elbows against wall.

3. Tuck chin to create flexion in upper spine (keep head against the wall).

4. Press arms and head against the wall, pushing backwards (keeping spine touching wall where possible).

5. Hold for 30 seconds.

AHC Exercise with Abdominal Core Breathing

1. With knees bent, place heals, buttock, upper-back, and head against the wall.

2. Inhale slowly and deeply to fill abdomen with air.  Push stomach out.  Rotate pelvis backward.

3. Slowly exhale, emptying and flattening abdomen (pull bellybotton toward spine), rotate pelvis forward, pressing the small of the back to the wall as much as possible.

4. While exhaling bring arms up with right angles at shoulder and elbow and externally rotate to bring forearms and back of your hand against the wall, while keeping elbows touching wall.

5. Tuck chin slightly.